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Easy kale smoothie, for you and your kids!

When my daughter turned one recently, I was looking for ways to make sure she was getting enough calcium, and I knew I wanted kale to be part of the solution. I've always made smoothies, but my usual recipe involves frozen bananas and blueberries. Unfortunately my daughter was reacting to those fruits, so I needed a different recipe. And then I stumbled upon a recipe so simple, that I just have to share it. All it is is one orange (cut off the peel), 1 cup alternative milk (rice, almond, hemp, etc), and a big handful of kale. I must admit that what makes this recipe so simple is that I have been using bagged baby kale and you can just take a handful out of the bag and put it into the blender. And by the way, the bullet is the only blender I use for smoothies anymore. The clean up is soooooooo easy - I can't imagine using anything else. Oh, and the best part, my daughter loves it! Unfortunately, I love it too, and so does my husband, so I'm making lots of smoothies now!

Kiwi popsicle


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