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"She turned my life and my health around."


"I started seeing Jillian due to adrenal, thyroid, and digestive issues - and, oh boy, am I so very glad I did!!! She took the time to really listen, and thoroughly reviewed all my blood work and medical history. With her extensive knowledge on the intricacies of the body, herbs, supplements, diet, and all facets of health, she came up with custom-blends to address all my issues and gave my body a long overdue tune-up. She also provided excellent suggestions on supplements and overall way-of-life health recommendations to assist in reaching my goals. And best of all, she has such a caring and heartfelt way about her that makes you feel so comfortable and at ease to talk about anything. She turned my life and my health around."

Michele B.

"I've gone from taking 9 prescription pills a month to about 1 every three months!"


"I spent more than two years trying to treat and prevent my migraines with conventional medicine. With Jillian's help, I am able to prevent migraines and treat the few I do get. I've gone from taking 9 prescription pills a month to about 1 every three months! Thanks Jillian!"


Julie H.

"I found the herbs she carries are more effective than those I was getting elsewhere."


"Before I came to see Jillian I was experiencing very intense menopausal symptoms. I had been taking some herbs and they worked a little bit but not well enough. Over the next months Jillian suggested changing the mix of herbs and refined a formula for me that makes a really big difference in my comfort. She also suggested some supplements and dietary changes that I found helpful. I found the herbs she carries are more effective than those I was getting elsewhere. Jillian listens carefully and takes time to think through her recommendations. I value our collaboration very much."


Herbal & Nutritional Consultations

Initial Consultation and First Follow-up: $195.00 for both


During the initial consultation, clients have time to share their unique health history, current concerns, and healing goals. Rather than pure “symptom management,” Jillian develops protocols that address underlying imbalances and client constitution. Jillian can create custom herbal formulas that are tailored to each client's unique physiology and health concerns, while taking into consideration any medications that are being taken. 

Follow Up Consultations: $95.00


The frequency of recommended follow-up visits varies for each individual. Generally, the first follow-up session happens within 1-2 weeks of the initial consultation. After that, monthly or bi-monthly follow-ups may be recommended for a period of time appropriate to each individual and his or her healing goals.