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Free Clinic

If you’ve been interested in meeting with an herbalist but aren’t able to afford the cost of a visit, please consider becoming a client of my Free Clinic. I specialize in bladder and reproductive health, but all are welcome.

About the Free Clinic

My name is Jillian Bar-av. I am a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild, Licensed Nutritionist in the state of Maryland, Clinical Faculty at Notre Dame of Maryland University (formerly Maryland University of Integrative Health), and I have been working with clients for over 20 years.


When you become a client:

  • You will work with me via Zoom

  • And with a small group of other highly-trained herbalists observing.

Observers are all trained in privacy and confidentiality. Your personal information will not be discussed outside of a secure environment. Your case will be treated with love, dignity and respect. Having the focused attention of a group of practitioners may be the most carefully heard you’ll ever be: these folks come to the session full of gratitude that you’re sharing your story with us and allowing us to be part of your healing process.

What's Included when you sign up for the Free Clinic

  • A one-hour Initial Consultation with:

    • Jillian Bar-av, RH, LDN
    • And a group of up to 15 highly-trained herbalist observers

  • The dedicated attention of a group of highly-trained herbalists thinking carefully about your case.

  • A list of recommendations tailored to your specific situation. 

  • Up to 3 visits at no charge (Initial Visit + 2 Follow-Up Visits)

Important things to know before signing up

This is a group experience.


A group of up to 15 herbalists will have access to your files and be present during your session(s). All are highly-trained practitioners and all commit to upholding standards of privacy and confidentiality.

We are not primary care providers.


The Free Clinic does not provide primary care or take the place of medical care. All recommendations are optional and intended to support health and wellness.

Your privacy is protected.


We operate under HIPAA standards. Your files and any other information you provide will be kept in HIPAA-secure spaces online. Our virtual meeting takes place via the HIPAA-secure version of Zoom.

Herbs are not included.


The cost of herbs or other supplements is not included in the visit. We will be conscious of your budget when making recommendations and can usually recommend low-cost accessible options.

The session(s) take place online.


You will need a stable internet connection and a private place to meet during the consultation. If you don't have access to high-speed internet or a private location, please don't schedule right now. 

You are free to purchase your herbs from any source, or not at all.


I do not make a profit off any custom made herbal blends, which are usually ordered through the MUIH Herb Dispensary. I often recommend herbs and supplements that people can either purchase locally or order at their online store of choice. I do sometimes recommend products that can be bought through my own online account, where clients are given a discount and I do make a small percentage off of sales.

Step by Step:
What happens when you sign up


Sign up for Practice Better


When you sign up to be a client, you will receive an invitation to join Jillian's secure client management system, Practice Better. It’s free to do so, and this will give you access to the forms and video conferencing tools.


Complete forms online


You will fill in three forms before we meet (a notice of privacy policies, a liability waiver, and a health history form), which will be shared securely with the people who will be observing.


1-hour interview via Zoom

During this time, Jillian will go through your health history and goals, and ask clarifying questions while the observers remain silent. It will be your choice whether the observers leave their video feed on or off. You won’t receive your recommendations on the day of your first visit.


Receive recommendations 3-5 days later.


After the session, Jillian and those who observed the session, will meet to discuss your case. Following the group discussion, Jillian will compile a set of recommendations for you, which you will receive through Practice Better.


Purchase herbs & supplements


The cost of herbs is not included in your visit. The intake form will ask you for your budget, and we will work around this when making recommendations. Very affordable options are possible! 


Follow-up visits optional

After you receive your recommendations, you will have the option to have up to two follow-up visits at no cost, though follow ups are not required. 

Ready to sign up?

If you are interested in being a free client, please sign-up on the wait list, and I will let you know when the next spot opens up.
If you are an herbalist, interested in being an observer, go to my Observation Group page for more information.
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