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Custom Herbal Formulas
Teas, Powders, Liquid Extracts

When you become a client at Greenspring Herbs, you receive the opportunity to receive custom blended herbal preparations.


I currently use the Herbal Dispensary at Maryland University of Integrative Health to fill formulas for my clients. The Herbal Dispensary stocks high quality, organic, and ethically-sourced bulk herbs and liquid extracts, and is a model for herbal dispensaries around the country. The Herbal Dispensary handles payment and shipping for all orders.

Herbal Medicine

Why Custom Herbal Formulation?

  • The herbs just for you

    • Pre-manufactured herbal blends are created to help a wide variety of people with a certain condition, but not you in particular.

    • Custom formulation allows me to choose just those herbs that I think will be helpful for you.

  • You are not your condition

    • Just because you have a condition or diagnosis does not mean you are the same as everyone else with that same condition or diagnosis.

    • For example, 2 people with interstitial cystitis may have very different root causes. One may need primarily immune support, while another needs help with digestion.

    • Another example would be 2 people dealing with high blood pressure. One may benefit from classic cardiotonics, while the other really needs adaptogens and nervines to help with stress.

  • Constitution & energetics

    • You are unique. Do you run cold? dry? warm? damp? These are important considerations for choosing the right herbs, not just whether the herb is used for your condition.

  • Tea? Powder? Liquid Extract?

Custom formulation allows us the freedom to use herbs in a form that works for you.

  • Are you a tea drinker?

    • Great, let's make you a supportive tea.

  • Are you busy and need something you can take on the go?

    • Liquid extracts may be the best.

  • Are you looking for something that you can incorporate into what you eat or drink?

    • Powders might be the best solution.

Thinking about a consultation? You can book a 10 minute discovery call with me to ask questions and see if working with me is the next right step for you.

Purchasing Herbs

The cost of herbs and dietary supplements are not included in the price of the consultation. In addition to custom formulations, I may recommend supplements that can be acquired through my professional supplement dispensary, or that can be acquired at local health food stores, or other sites online.

Seeds and herbs




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